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Feb. 9th, 2009 09:28 am ccchanges

Well, it's done. Patrick is in his 1st daycare. We'll know tonight if he (or us) survives or not. :) I'm actually very calm about this, as once I've decided on a course of action, I tend to stick with it. Patrick seemed ok at the day care, he wasn't to happy once he knew we were actually leaving, but the day care director, Lynn seemed more than capable of handling the situation. I'm sure they've seen worse, especially from the parents lol

It's a nice day care, called Noah's Ark. It's Christian, but doesn't seem to focused on that theme, other than being in a church lol. The best part is the price is really reasonable, and to top it all off, we found out that they have a special, pay one week, get a 2nd week free. So basically we just paid for 2 weeks of daycare for the cost of what would have been 1/2 week's pay of the old situation. So yeah, I might actually see a light at the end of this financial tunnel.

Of course, I'm working from home for a couple days till we can pick up my car, but that's ok, it's fairly common for me to work from home. The HUGE difference is no Patrick. The house is quiet, no Thomas on the TV, no running, no asking for Elmo song, just quiet. I may have to go into work just so the quiet doesn't get to me lol. Like I said before, I don't like change. I even have trouble getting to sleep if ladypembroke isn't there. Even if she's just in the other room, I have trouble. Weird I know. And now I'm home to a quiet house. I'll probably end up walking over to the Doctor's office to get the paperwork filled out and the grocery store just to keep myself busy so I don't notice the quiet so much.

Well, still, it's done. Hopefully Patrick will enjoy his new daycare and things will go well, cause we need some happy news in these fun times. Thanks for reading my posts, if anyone is lol.


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Feb. 8th, 2009 12:04 pm unhappy choices

I hate change. I try to avoid it as much as possible, since it makes things easier to keep the status quo. I know that's a weird way of thinking in this area, where is seems everyone is starting a new job or new idea every other week (or at least it seemed that way during the dotcom boom :) But I like keeping things simple.

It's why I haven't moved very much in my life. I had to be practically forced to move to Toronto to follow my job's move, and the move to Burlington was due to the fact that no one else wanted the commute when we were setting up Cogeco's internet. I just took it cause it was the only choice. After that, the huge salary increase @Home offered me to move down to California was too good to pass up, otherwise I'd still probably be at Cogeco lol.

Heck, job-wise I've changed more since I moved here than ever in my life, and most of that was due to job loss, as @home went under, Digeo shrunk, etc. I suppose I could still be with Wells Fargo, but that really wasn't the job for me, so I'm glad I took the Digeo position, even if it did cause me to be unemployed almost a year later :) Still I'm with Covad now, and it's not a bad job, though a little frustrating at times due to their previous network designs.

But, that's not the problem I now face. The problem now is Patrick. My son, and his day care. We currently have a friend working as his nanny (and if you know us, you know who I mean) She's great. Does a good job, and helps with many other things around the place. The only real issue I have is cost. To be honest, we're in financial trouble. It's not pretty. To be honest we can't really afford what we pay for day care. But we manage. Now for the problem. Our nanny has taken ill, and it's a hernia. Which means quite a restriction in her work load. I don't know how long this will last, but I do know I can't take time off from work to stay home with Patrick, just too many things going on at work. Fortunately, we've started looking for preschool for Patrick since he's turning 3 this year. And there's a daycare/preschool that has an immediate opening. At 1/2 the cost we now pay. In a perfect world, we could put Patrick in the daycare while the nanny recoups, continue paying her (since she has little to no medical insurance) and the new day care. But we can't. The savings of using the daycare is HUGE. Like, almost enough to make us in the black every month HUGE. With other cuts we may actually survive this financial mess.

The problem? I don't know how to decide when friends are involved. We LIKE our nanny. A lot. She's a family friend, as well as part of Patrick's life. Not someone you just say "so long" to. But, we have to. Financially we really can't afford anything else. Unless someone wants to offer me a position at easily twice my current salary, it's just not gonna work. Yes, we were looking at doing this change once Patrick is 3 and she is aware of that, but that's months away. I don't have to face that yet. This, I have to face. It doesn't help that we haven't heard a thing from anyone one how long the rest has to be. how long she's out of commission. We need to decide this MONDAY. TOMORROW. and we'll be paying for a least a month's daycare if we do proceed.

Not only that, there's the issue with removal from the daycare. He'll be in a new situation and they "monitor" him for 60 days to make sure he's acclimating to the program. I'm sure he'll be fine with no issues, but we need to give 2 weeks notice, etc. to take him out of the program. So it's not a "quick fix", this is a move that will be in place till at least we hear from the preschool we're interested in.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hate change. Feel free to comment if you want, I've set the comments to screened, since this involves people you may know. and I want to hear honest comments. Thanks for reading this far.


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Oct. 26th, 2008 04:54 pm ignorant people

I'm not the type to post much, but some things you just need to let steam off about. Today was one of those things. We were at McDonald's in Belmont at the children's playground, letting Patrick run around and have fun. It was fairly quiet, a couple families having mini birthday parties at one end and we were sitting at the other watching Patrick run around and try to climb up the slides backward :)

As we were finishing up I went over to the game machines and was playing a racing game while Patrick stood behind me saying CARS!!! ladypembroke was trying to takes a picture, but Patrick wouldn't stand still long enough, lol. I headed over to our table and was cleaning up when a family that had just sat down at the table next to us asked if I had left some car keys. I said no they weren't mine and continued cleaning. All of a sudden this woman comes barging over to them and DEMANDS they move as this was HER table and they were in her seat. Now, no one had been sitting there until this family arrived, though there were a couple new kids in the play area, which I found out were hers. The family sitting down was a bit confused as they were latino and it seemed that the young daughter was better at english than the mother, so I tried to calm the demanding woman, indicating that "there had been no one sitting there and they had thought the keys had been left behind."

Well that didn't go over well. The woman started saying how the other family was rude to just sit down when it was OBVIOUS that the keys indicated that it was HER seat and this is what was wrong with this country, rudeness and implying that the Latino family was automatically in the wrong. I kept my calm, and indicated that really it was an honest mistake, and hey, I've just cleared away my table, you can use that. Well, that went over even better, with her telling me to basically "get the #$% out of her business" (paraphrased), and say how rude I was for trying to mediate the situation (again very paraphrased). I tried to defuse the situation by joking "I'm Canadian, we don't get rude or upset" WELL that just solidified her stance in her mind, that she was obviously in the right, cause I wasn't even an American and I should just take my family back to Canada (again paraphrased).

At this point, I'm REALLY trying hard to be polite, but she was just getting started. I felt really sorry for her kids, though it was obvious they were her children, from the way they behaved and from both her and their language. I made a couple final points about manners and how feelings of entitlement where a cause of much of the world's problems, and then finished gathering our stuff and left, though letting ladypembroke know by signal that I would be outside, cause I REALLY didn't want to let this woman or her kids know which child was mine, in case they got any funny ideas.

As I was out in the restaurant, the Latino family that had been sitting at the table came out and asked if I would mind helping them if they called the police. I said sure, as I thought the woman was completely in the wrong, but that I doubted the police would do much, since all the woman really had done was be very "trailerpark trash" though the swearing around the young kids I indicated was something that should be brought to the Manager's attention.

We talked to the manager, who did commiserate, and indicated she would talk to the lady, but I got the feeling she was a little nervous to do so, as she seemed a bit young to be handling this (almost seemed like a crew chief or assistant manager) I'm not sure what the final outcome was, though I did tell the manager my side of the story, and the very "pro white american" feeling the woman was projecting. Of course the funny part was, other than my family and this woman, the play area was filled with Latino families, so it might have gotten interesting. I must admit, the smiles I got from the other Latino families as I was leaving and telling this woman how ignorant she was, felt good :)

ladypembroke summed in up on the ride home. You can take the woman out of the trailerpark, but you can't take the trailorpark out of the woman. :) I won't even get into the outfit she was wearing, hoodie sweater with pajama bottoms. Still, if she has asked politely in the beginning, there probably wouldn't have been an issue, but the opening DEMANDS were enough to set things off. I like to think people are inherently good and decent, then you meet people like this, and know, well that explains a lot of the issues we face in the world.


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Jan. 17th, 2008 01:10 pm Hockey Watching

So Saturday the 12th was Patrick's 1st live NHL game. We had tickets to the Sharks vs Leafs game, as I'm a huge leafs fan and there was no way I was missing the game, especially since they haven't visited the Bay Area in years.

To get ready for this occasion, we had Patrick decked out in Leafs gear, from shirt, pants, jacket, binky, binky tether. You name it, it had the Leafs on it :) I'll have to add pics once I figure out how and download them :) He got many compliments from everyone on how adorable he looked.

ladypembroke was wearing her Sharks jersey, and I was in my Leafs finery, so we were all covered. Off we went to our seats in Section 224 row 12 seats 15 and 16. I was a little nervous on how Patrick would react to the game, noise, rink, etc. Turns out I didn't have to worry.

We got the our seats and I left to get some food (2 hotdogs - Patrick and ladypembroke, one cheeseburger - me, 2 drinks, total cost $29.75!) We then got set in our seats nd got ready for the game. Patrick was content sitting on my knee watching EVERYTHING. The kid just loves to people watch :) We then ate our gold encrusted food (it had to be at those prices!) with Patrick moving over to ladypembroke's knee (He's still in his momma's boy phase :P)

The only really "hairy" time was Sharky's entrance, the noise and yelling and darkness really scared Patrick at 1st, but he calmed down when he realized mom and dad were still there and nothing was "after him" He then settled down in ladypembroke's arms and watched the game. And I mean he WATCHED the game, staring intently at the ice and following the players. I really doubt he was following the puck, but he was definitely following the players skating around. No idea who his favourite is yet though :)

I was worried he wouldn't last the entire game, but he did! For the 1st two periods he sat quietly in ladypembroke's arms and just watched. He did notice the young girl two rows down that was intently checking him out (and I mean STARING at him) but he was like "oh her? yeh I get that alot, but I wanna watch the game." I was so proud :)

The 3rd period was a bit on the tiring side, as the Sharks finally scored, which meant the horn noise was added, along with alot of cheering, which did startle him, but he was ok for the most part. He did keep looking back at this one girl (early 20's I'd say) that was really screaming at the players, looking at her as if to say, "you're gonna stay there right? You're not gonna attack me are you?" But we were able to assuage his fears. She did apologize for scaring him :)

He also did his part in meeting new people, offering the couple next to us some of his goldfish, which he LOVES to share. Unfortunately he wasn't able to watch the leafs win, as the Sharks were able to score 3 times in the 3rd period to win 3-2, but I think he's ok with that, he understands it's a transition year for the Leafs :)

After the game we made our way back to the car, where Patrick was quite happy to fall asleep in his seat on the way home, and dream about Hockey (at least I think that what he was dreaming about, it could have also been about Cars the movie, which I can now quote quite well, do to it's MANY VIEWINGS at our place :)

Over all a great time for his 1st NHL game and a great start to his budding Hockey love :)


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Dec. 27th, 2007 10:56 pm Holiday times and life updates

Well, I know it's been forever since I actually posted, but I thought, what the heck, it's Christmas time :)

Been quite a few changes in my life recently, Patrick is now 15 months old, walking and babbling up a storm. He's fascinating to watch, he has such a serious look on his face as he studies EVERYTHING. He loves toys that make noise, and it it's music, he'll play it and then dance along to whatever the tune is. He's definitely white, as his only dance move is swaying back and forth, but at least it's dancing of some sort!

I just started a new job with Covad in December, working for fruitylips and it's been interesting. It's a definite focus change from my job with Cisco, as it's a MUCH smaller network, but also MUCH more unorganized and badly in need of updating. I'm hoping to bring them up to at least the mid nineties in network design :) The other network person at the company, Nik, is great, but I'm really gonna have to work at changing some of his views, such as 6500 switches that do layer 3 routing should really be using IOS code, and not CatOS :) Still, if nothing else the work will keep me occupied for quite a bit just doing documentation, as basically it's currently in Nik's head, with a couple diagrams (mostly outdated) here and there. And don't get me started on the outage procedures :) The one "upgrade/fix" I attended was interesting to say the least. Still, new job so new ways of doing things and whatnot.

Let's see, what else. Ah the Holidays. ladypembroke and I are at her parent's house in Arizona for the holiday week, along with MY parents as well. Yes, you read that right, my parents are down from Nova Scotia for the holiday as well. They arrived in SFO early Thursday morning, spent Thursday and Friday with us at home, then followed us on Saturday/Sunday to AZ as we drove down. To be honest, the drive wasn't too bad, other than my mother telling me I "drive like a maniac" when I'm following the local traffic. Still we made it fine.

They are staying at a hotel in AZ while ladypembroke and I stay at her Parents. ladypembroke's brother and his wife are also down,Along with their dogs, so it's been a fun time. I was nervous for a bit, since my parents and the in-laws had some issues with each other, but they seem to be getting along so far. Well, ok my mom is being her normal neurotic self (don't ask, if I got started I'd be here for HOURS) but overall it's been a pleasant visit.

We arrived Sunday evening and got to the in-law's house, where Dad got directions to their hotel. Monday (Christmas Eve) we spent mainly at the in-law's and my parents came over to basically play pass the baby around, which Patrick happily enjoyed. He seems a little overwhelmed by everything, but that's to be expected, EVERYTHING is new to him :)We then all went to the AZ zoo's Christmas lights show, where they light up the entire zoo in various displays and light shows. It was a fun time. My parents went with ladypembroke's parents, while we took my brother-in-law and his wife in our car. The parent's didn't kill each other during the drive, so I'm assuming everything went well :)

Christmas day arrived and my parents came over for the present openings, food, etc. Patrick did very well, he got a few new books, some new toys (including a drumset from one of his uncles, though it's still in the box :) and some new clothes. I got a copy of Guitar hero 3 and 80s encore and a couple new books. ladypembroke made out like a bandit with the Itunes gift cards (over $100 I believe) plus the fact I got her an Ipod Classic 180 Gig version (thanks to echristo's Apple discount. Thanks again man!)

After all that fun, everyone had a blast playing and watching Patrick go nuts with all his new stuff. After that it was time for Christmas dinner, which went well, and my parents and ladypembroke's parents were seeming to get along great. YES!

Boxing Day (Dec 26th for you Americans :)) was quiet, ladypembroke and I spent it basically at her parents playing with Patrick and just vegging. I didn't hear from my parents, but then again, they had wanted to do some tourist stuff, so no surprise (or so I thought)

Thursday was quiet, ladypembroke and I took Patrick to a local Mall to try and get him some exercise at the kid's play area, as he's been basically inside so far while we've been here. I also called my mom's cell and got the machine and left a message. I then called Dad's cell and found out they were off traveling the Apache Trail just driving around. Mom wasn't impressed with the road, as I guess it's little more than a trail in more than name, but she did indicated that they no longer needed to see the Grand Canyon, as the view they had was close enough for her :) She also seemed annoyed that I hadn't called on Boxing Day (what, like she can't call me?) and started talking about other things bothering her, but she later "changed her mind" and told me to just ignore what she had said earlier. I'm hoping that means dad said something to her about her "issues" and that things are fine now. Sometimes I just wonder though.

Anyway, it's now Thursday night and ladypembroke's brother and the crew are on their way home to Denver (driving I might add, into quite the snow fall) and everyone else is sleep or getting ready to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be good, as it's our last full day here, as we head out driving back home on Saturday, stopping in LA overnight. My parents will be taking a flight from AZ to NS on Saturday as well, so Friday is their last time to spend with Patrick (I have NO illusions that they are here to visit ladypembroke or I :))

Anyway, Merry Christmas if you made it this far :)


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May. 14th, 2007 03:59 pm

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Apr. 27th, 2007 01:22 pm My daemon :)

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Dec. 13th, 2006 09:33 am Fight me if you dare | Combat Cards

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May. 22nd, 2006 03:08 pm Bay 2 Breakers fun!!

Ok much has happened since my last post (I know I know... you post?) But I'm home resting my feet (more on that later) and I thought I'd post an update.

1st off... I'm gonna be a daddy!! Yeah I can hear the screams of horror already :) Actually Anyone who will actually read this already know about mine and ladypembroke's child, but I thought I'd better post if I'm updating LJ :) All I can say is wow This is gonna be an interesting time. So many changes and adaptations to get use to. But since I have ladypembroke with me, it'll be fine.

Ok new update in crazy things I have done......

I ran the Bay 2 Breakers Sunday... IN STORMTROOPER GEAR!! You heard me.. in my Stormtrooper armour! There were about 7 of us, with a couple handlers to help us. It was AWESOME. People loved us and our costumes, and we even made the news, both Radio and TV :)

In case you were wondering, my time was 3hours 16 Minutes, though that was due to massive blisters developed at the 4 mile mark (the race is about 7.5 miles/12 Kilometers) The others in my group actually did it in 2hours 49 minutes, since I had stopped at the 4 mile mark to put blister packs on my feet (which is NOT easy when in armour, let me tell you, even with help from one of the handlers!) Still, that's a damn good time for my first 12K (16 1/3 minutes per Kilometer, or 26 minutes per mile) Not bad for being lame the last half :) I'll see if I can add a pic for you of me at the 7mile mark:

Yes, I am as tired as I look, but proud. Man it feels good to get that far, especially since many people didn't believe I could, or would, do it :) Here's a pic of me in armour at the start of the race with two of the other guys (I'm on the left, that's Ed in the middle and Garet on the right)

It was a blast is all I can say. Of course I'm paying for it now, as my feet are sore and I have huge blisters that almost look like padding on my feet. The heels and balls of my feet have formed thick pads on them from all the abuse. Let me tell you, they are very uncomfortable to put pressure on :(

Well, for my 1st Bay 2 Breakers, it was great, though why is it that it seems only the ugly nudists come out for the rae. There are somethings you really shouldn't see, like the 70+ year old male nudist in the Riddler mask *shudder* Ah well I guess that's what makes Bay 2 Breakers unique :)

I must say, if you ever get the chance to do this, I say go for it, it was a blast, though one piece of advice... use good running shoes, Trooper boots are NOT well suited :)

PS I tried cutting this, but it doesn't seem to work, if you know how, let me know :)

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Apr. 8th, 2006 01:33 am

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